50 bikers escort bullied boy to first day of middle school.

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50 bikers escort bullied boy to first day of middle school.

Eleven-year-old Phil Mick didn’t want to start middle school. The soon-to-be sixth grader in Auburn, Indiana, had been bullied during his final year of grade school, and didn’t want a repeat of that nightmare time.

“He was hiding it,” his mother Tammy Mick told ABC News. “He came home with bumps and bruises. He said he wanted to end his life and I stepped up as parent and tried to get things taken care of.”

But Brent Warfield, a family friend and a sales manager at a motorcycle shop and service center, heard about Phil’s dilemma.

“When you hear an 11-year-old-kid talking about getting kicked and picked on all because they don’t have as much money or wear nice clothes, being overweight and then having an 11-year-old son myself, it reached down deep and hit me,” Brent told ABC News.

He decided to escort Phil to his first day of middle school, and gathered other bikers to join him. Altogether 50 bikers joined Brent when they took Phil to school on August 1. They also brought Phil new clothes and school supplies.

Tammy says the ride was unforgettable for Phil, who came away feeling confident and cared for.

“I wanted to cry, it was so heartwarming,” Tammy told ABC. “Every day, he talks about that ride. He said it was amazing. [To] Brent and all the riders who came, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank them. They made my son very happy.”

See Phil and Brent’s story in the video below, and watch what happens when you share what’s going on with a loved one who has your back…

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