Watch these world-weary 4th graders bemoan how easy 3rd graders have it.

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Watch these world-weary 4th graders bemoan how easy 3rd graders have it.

Tim and Charlie are two (fictional) 4th-graders who have gotten through the early part of elementary school and gained some degree of wisdom and experience as a result. (Though apparently school hasn’t done them any favors in the premature aging department.)

They look on as the youngsters in 3rd grade play blithely, remarking on how life is so easy for the young now.

But just because things are easier doesn’t mean they’re better. Just like cantankerous oldsters they are, they remark that when they did something difficult, like opening a tricky package of food, “We’d be overwhelmed with a sense of accomplishment no third grader today will ever know!”

Watch the humorous ad for Go-Gurt below — it’ll bring a smile to your face to see a new riff on the idea of older generations…

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