This powerful ad on safe driving will change your mind about speeding.

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This powerful ad on safe driving will change your mind about speeding.

There are a lot of dangers to look out for when it comes to getting behind the wheel. Texting in the car. Drunk driving. Road rage.

But one of the most dangerous things you can do is also the simplest, and something most of us done at one point or another: driving too fast.

The Australian government tackled this problem head on. The country’s roads in New South Wales are often in rural areas. Driving on them is often a quiet, sometimes solitary experience, and drivers tend to speed up.

But that speed is a dangerous contributing factor if you — or another driver — make a mistake. It can escalate what would be a simple collision into a fatal car crash.

See the powerful PSA that Australia made below, and watch what kind of impact that high speeds can make — and what can be avoided if we all just slow down…

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