He’s 6, but the size of a 1-year-old. What he has to say tore my heart to pieces.

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He’s 6, but the size of a 1-year-old. What he has to say tore my heart to pieces.

When Grant Pearce was six, he was the same size as his one-year-old brother. Grant has dwarfism, but inside his tiny body is a huge heart.

Despite his young age, he’s on a mission to show that he’s a little person, but he’s just like any other kid. He has diastrophic dysplasia, a disorder that affects cartilage and bone development that also leads to short stature with very short arms and legs.

In fact, being different might have given him a level of insight, determination and equanimity well beyond his years.

His father Nate recalles watching him crawl up the stairs for the first time. It took Grant 45 minutes, but he would not stop until he accomplished his task.

Watch Grant’s short documentary in the video below as he explains what it’s like to be a little person — his kindness and strength will inspire you…

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