Kids meet a woman with Alzheimer’s for the first time.

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Kids meet a woman with Alzheimer’s for the first time.

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease, emotionally and physically. For those who are watching their loved ones decline, it can be like watching someone you love disappear right before your eyes.

But it can still devastate those who don’t know anyone personally who has it. Children especially find the idea of Alzheimer’s baffling and distressing.

WatchCut made a video in which kids who never met anyone with Alzheimer’s met someone who has the disorder. The kids have a wide range in age and understanding, but all of them begin to grapple with just what it means, especially for the kind woman explaining it to them.

Watching these children process the information, and ask questions and offer encouragment, is a remarkable window into just how much compassion and empathy we can have for each other, no matter our differences.

See the video below to see these remarkable interactions…

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