Brother and sister plead with Internet to help save their mom’s life… and it works!

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Brother and sister plead with Internet to help save their mom’s life… and it works!

8-year-old Bailey and her little 5-year-old brother Tobias had a hard time watching their mother Diana struggle with illness. Diana had Alport syndrome, which causes her kidneys to fail.

Diana wouldn’t get better without a kidney, so the two kids made a video pleading for an organ donation. A family friend, Melissa Deighan, was one of the many people who saw the video on Facebook.

“I couldn’t imagine those kids living the rest of their life without their mom. It just didn’t seem fair to me,” Melissa said. “When you’re a kid, you shouldn’t have to worry about losing your mom or your dad until you’re far, far, far into your life.”

Melissa wasn’t a match for Diana, but she found out about a ‘paired chain’ program through National Kidney Foundation. She decided to donate a kidney to someone in exchange for a match for Diana.

Months after the initial appeal in March, Melissa donated her kidney to someone in need, and then Diana got a kidney from a living donor in Philadelphia. So not only did Melissa save Diana’s life, she saved someone else’s.

“It kind of creates this beautiful spider web of life. You see organs moving to directions of the weaker side of the web,” Melissa said. “And you’re bringing them all back to life, essentially.”

See Bailey and Tobias’s original video plea below, and be amazed at just how giving people can be to one another…

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