Widow faces $2k a day in fines, goes out back to find strangers have been changing her property.

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Widow faces $2k a day in fines, goes out back to find strangers have been changing her property.

Agnes was in a bind. Her family had been using her home to dump trash, causing the yard to run over with junk.

Her neighbors complained and the city threatened her with a charge of $2,500 per day if the mess wasn’t cleaned up.

But at age 90, she was simply too old to be able to do it herself, much less keep her home in good condition. She could barely even walk, and she had no one to help her since her husband passed away.

Agnes contacted Operation Blessing, which provides disaster relief, health care, hunger relief and other community development initiatives. They agreed to clear out her yard and take down the rotting shed and trailer on her property.

But to Agnes’s surprise, the group also brought in extra help and did much more to help the elderly lady out. See the video below to watch what else they did…

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