Solar eclipse 2017: everything you need to know.

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Solar eclipse 2017: everything you need to know.

On Monday, August 21, the entire continental U.S. will experience a total solar eclipse, where the new moon will cross and then cover the sun in its path across the sky.

Temperatures will drop. Stars will come out. Animals will revert to their nocturnal behavior. For a few minutes during the day, the sky will go dark, creating a dramatic natural event that can’t be missed.

A total solar eclipse happens ever 18 months, but this is one that will be visible in the U.S.

Most in the U.S. will see at least a partial eclipse around noon, but those lucky enough to be in the 70-mile wide “path of totality” — a diagonal stripe of land starting near Oregon and ending in South Carolina — will see the moon completely blocking the sun.

Watch the video below to get even more facts about the eclipse — and experience the ‘clockwork of the cosmos’ in all its glory…

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