2-year-old’s not happy with 1st day of pre-school, goes on rant that has Internet in stitches.

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2-year-old’s not happy with 1st day of pre-school, goes on rant that has Internet in stitches.

Mila Stauffer may just be two years old, but she has strong opinions. She’s ready for a real school — like law school — but instead has to start at the beginning like everyone else.

“So yesterday my mom had some news for me,” Mila told the camera in a video that has since gone viral. “She signed me up for pre-school. I told her I want to go to law school. She was like, ‘No Mila, you’re only two.'”

So Mila wan’t too thrilled about her first day of pre-school. She told her mom that she was “shook” by her first day. The teacher was “shady” and the other kids are “insane.”

“But I’m still alive,” she says.

Mila’s mom Katie is a popular YouTube video blogger who captures moments in her daughters’ lives. In addition to Mila, she has an older sister as well as a twin, Emma.

Watch Mila detail the rest of her stressful first day at pre-school in the video below — it’ll make you smile with how serious the little girl is…

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