Old man in nursing home can’t stop shouting, they bring him a piano and he instantly transforms.

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Old man in nursing home can’t stop shouting, they bring him a piano and he instantly transforms.

At the nursing home, 93-year-old Edward Hardy is depressed. He’s suffering, like many others at his care center, from the effects of demential and Alzheimer’s, and can be difficult to live with.

But the staff at the nursing home discovered Edward was once a jazz pianist. And to help lift his spirits, they arranged a special concert with his ex-band members, with Edward back on the piano.

With the music’s help, Edward returned to some semblance of his former self. Researchers have long noted a connection between music, memory and the brain — songs can calm chaotic brain activity, help focus a person on the present, but also bring back old memories.

See the video below to learn more about Edward’s journey back to music — it’s a powerful reminder of just how potent music is on our lives…

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