A woman with no hope rescued the most pitiful dog ever. Then, the dog rescues her.

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A woman with no hope rescued the most pitiful dog ever. Then, the dog rescues her.

Jessi Burns met her boyfriend in graduate school. They talked about building a life together — getting married, where they wanted to live and getting a dog. He was always the life of the party, so the shocking news of his suicide cast her suddenly into the darkest period of her life.

It was completely unexpected. Jessi wondered if his death was her fault — and anxiety, sleeplessness and self-doubt immobilized her.

Caught in this downward spiral of depression, one day, she happened to stumbled upon a picture of a little 8-month-old yellow lab mix with big brown eyes. “She was one of the most pitiful dogs I’d ever seen,” Jessi said. “She looked how I felt — and I felt a connection with her through that very sad photo.”

Jessi drove to the shelter and fell in love with Andi instantly.

After her boyfriend died, Jessi just wanted to stay in bed and not talk to anyone. But Andi wouldn’t let her. She brought toys over and wanted to play. Andi forced Jessie to start talking to people and reaching out to friends again. She started to realize there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

Now, Jessi works at the animal shelter.

“I truly don’t know if I would be sitting here today if I had not adopted Andi. I really think that she saved my life,” Jessi added. “While my life looks different than I thought it was going to, she made me start seeing that there could be another future. She really was the one that pulled me out of my darkness.”

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