Afternoon Delight by Matteo J. Mosterts

A cable guy goes to a lonely woman's home to fix her TV... and gets more than he bargained for.

Filmmaker Matteo J. Mosterts tells the story of Bobby, a family man who is home alone and in the mood for some afternoon delight.

Bobby’s wife has taken the kids to grandma’s house. He lowers the shades, changes in something more comfortable and sits down on the sofa — popping in a film, “Afternoon Delight.”

He looks around the double-check that the coast is clear, then starts the movie.

Mrs. Humphries hears a ring and answers the door — it’s Cable Guy. She’s been waiting for him. Her television has acted up.

She invites him in to take a look and he takes a look — he immediately knows what the trouble is.

As she crawls over to seduce him, he leans back atop a squishy toy. He asks if she has a dog.

She pauses and begins to ear up, saying her dog Garfunkel died last week. He tries to console her and reveals that his pet Capt. Pringle’s had passed away a year ago, too.

Suddenly, she asks if he’d like some tea.

Bobby is watching in disbelief.

Cable Guy and Mrs. Humphries sit in the kitchen talking about their pets. As music plays in the background, he asks if it’s “Afternoon Delight” by the Starland Vocal Band. She tells him it’s playing on vinyl in the other room. They bond over the band and love of the song, “California Day.”

Bobby is beginning to get upset.

They lay in the other room listening to music. Cable Guy gets a phone call but doesn’t pick up — it’s his ex-wife. Mrs. Humphries revels that she can get a bit lonely, as well. He looks over and tells her she isn’t alone now.

Bobby admits the music is good and he can see why they like it.

Cable Guy and Mrs. Humphries begin to flirt in the kitchen. As the day goes by, they drink wine in the yard and throw popcorn at each other.

Bobby begins to tear up.

Then, they work out with the television in the living room.

Bobby starts to get bored and fast forwards the film.

It’s nighttime and Cable Guy and Mrs. Humphries are reading under the covers with a flashlight. Then, the doorbell rings. She asks him to answer it — she’ll be down in a minute.

It’s Mrs. Humphries niece, Libby. She asks Cable Guy who he is, as she seductively licks a lollipop.

Bobby begins to get excited again.

Libby asks if her aunt is home — she hurt her knee. He invites her in.

He gets an ice bag from the refrigerator and begins to treat her leg. Mrs. Humphries returns.

As they begin to touch each other seductively, Libby sees a picture of Garfunkel and asks where he is. Mrs. Humphries breaks down in tears again. Cable Guy tells Libby that Garfunkel died and Libby begins to cry, too.

Frustrated, Bobby starts to yell that nobody loves a dog so much.

Suddenly, Bobby’s wife returns — she forgot her phone. Bobby is busted — his feet are on the coffee table again. He denies it.

When his wife asks why it’s so dark, he tries to play it off that he’s just watching a movie. But she doesn’t buy it — she tells him she’s seen the film before and they never get intimate.

Bobby shrugs it off and continues to watch.

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