This gut-wrenching VMAs performance has saved countless lives.

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This gut-wrenching VMAs performance has saved countless lives.

The MTV Video Music Awards are usually a spectacle of fun, amusement and outrageousness. But one rapper elevated the game — and saved many lives as a result.

Logic is a young 27-year-old rapper and producer who performed his recent hit “1-800-273-8255” with Khalid and Alessia Cara, with the song’s title projected as the backdrop in a huge font. The song’s title is also the number of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

Beyond the title and the display, the song itself is an open-hearted plea to anyone struggling with suicidal thoughts to hand out and reach out for help. It also reminds people to reach out to others in need.

At the end of his performance, people who survived suicide attempts stormed the stage, each wearing shirts with the phone number on the front and “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” written on the back.

Logic’s performance wasn’t just pop music theatrics, though. The organization behind the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline says calls are up by one-third from this time last year since the song’s general release. And since the VMA performance, the phone line says calls are up by 50 perent.

“Logic is generating calls with a song about getting help and finding hope. It’s not focusing on tragedy or suicide,” John Draper, director of the hotline, said. “In fact, he’s starting conversations about suicide prevention as opposed to suicide.”

See Logic’s moving performance below, and be sure to reach out to someone if they need help — or reach out yourself if you’re struggling with thoughts of ending your life…

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