Gender reveal says mom is pregnant with another boy, but husband put 6 boxes on table.

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Gender reveal says mom is pregnant with another boy, but husband put 6 boxes on table.

Courtney and Eric Waldrop had three young boys together, but the couple wanted to add to their family, hoping for a girl.

The Alabama-based couple had a bumpy journey, though, suffering many miscarriages. They decided to try some fertility treatments, but were told their chances were low.

But Courtney did get pregnant… with an unbelievable six babies. While the family were overjoyed, the pregnancy also introduced a new level of risk, since high-risk pregnancies usually mean higher risk for complications such as gestational diabetes, strokes and high blood pressure, as well as time in neonatal wards for the babies after birth.

See Courtney and Eric’s story in the video below and catch their gender reveal party to see if they got the daughter they always dreamed about…

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