Motorcyclist spots suicidal man, saves his life by offering a ride.

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Motorcyclist spots suicidal man, saves his life by offering a ride.

A heroic moment in Russia was captured recently on video, going viral for its surprise.

One man had been walking on the side of the road on the outskirts of Russia, hitchhiking to his hometown from his mom’s funeral. The grief was so intense that he had a nervous breakdown and contemplated jumping off a bridge he was crossing.

Luckily a motocyclist was passing by and saw what the man was doing. He decided to stop him, distracting him by offering him a ride.

“Hey! No! Don’t do that! Let’s talk. Let’s go for a ride! I’ll give you a ride! Let’s go for a ride!” he says in the video.

Soon after, ther drivers stopped and offered their help. Eventually police and medics arrived to care for the distraught man.

See the video below to catch a moment of everyday heroics — when we see someone else’s suffering and do something to try to alleviate it…

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