Raw video shows monstrous Hurricane Irma winds destroy camera in St. Maarten.

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Raw video shows monstrous Hurricane Irma winds destroy camera in St. Maarten.

We’re sadly inundated these days with footage of natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey and now Irma, which is raging in the Caribbean and headed to Florida.

We see the effects of these devastating storms, ranging from displaced people and animals to massive destruction of property, flooding and complete loss of home.

But one camera captured what it’s like to actually be inside the middle of a hurricane. A beach cam on Maho Beach on the island of St. Maarten shows the destruction as it happens, depicting the ferocious winds and whipping sheets of rain — a truly fearsome display of nature’s destructive power.

Watch the video below to see Hurricane Irma in action — and donate to the communities destroyed by her wake if you can…

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