A young woman goes to a remote area in the Everglades. To her horror, a stranger knocks on her door.

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A young woman goes to a remote area in the Everglades. To her horror, a stranger knocks on her door.

Filmmakers Brett Potter and Dean Colin Marcial tell the true story of Kat Toledo, a young woman who spends a weekend in the Florida Everglades and has a run-in with an unexpected intruder.

Kat stays at her friend’s house. She doesn’t have a job and they let her stay for free, so she thinks it’ll be a great place to go to figure things out.

When she arrives, she knows it’s exactly what she needs — there’s no Internet, nobody around for 10 to 20 miles — just nature and a lot of books to read. She can stay for a few weeks, maybe even a month, and do nothing all by herself.

But first, she gets stoned.

Then, around 1:30am, she hears something outside. Then, a loud knocking at the door. Her friend told her not to expect any visitors, so she runs upstairs to hide.

She hears a man ask, “Hello — is anyone there? Is anyone home?”

Suddenly, he pounds on the door — then the windows.

Kat calls 911 and tells the operator that someone is trying to break into her home. Then, she sees the man climbing into the home and tells the operator to please send someone now.

The man picks up a rock and breaks the window.

She hears him on the roof and sits in complete silence for half an hour until the police come.

Deputy Sheriff Richard Friedberg gets a call to check out a brush fire. But when he arrives, there’s no fire. So he follows a second call to a potential break-in at the end of the road. He finds a smashed window and a dent in the roof and a car in the driveway.

He run the license plate through the system and finds out the car belonged to Quincy Lamon. He knows Quincy — he’s had a long list of “priors.” After that night, though, Quincy disappears. Six months later, his family puts him on the missing person’s list.

Kat may be the last person to hear his voice.

Everglades Park Ranger Wade Dunlop takes shifts doing fire-watch. On that night, he sees what looks like a big brush fire, so he calls it in and takes some photos. But as soon as he looks back, the fire’s gone — like somebody flipped a switch.

Kat says she never saw a fireball and swears she se’ll never go back to the Everglades again.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Quincy Lamon, call 518-303-2380.

An unexpected visitor shows up at 1:35…

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