Veteran designs tankchair for paralyzed wife, now she can go camping with family again.

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Veteran designs tankchair for paralyzed wife, now she can go camping with family again.

In 1999, Liz Soden was driving a truck when the front left tire blew out, sending her crashing into an embankment. Her then-boyfriend — now husband — Brrad and their three sons were injured, but Liz was paralyzed from the waist down.

Liz and Brad were happy to escape with their lives, but worried that they would have to end the active life they enjoyed together, with hiking, camping and off-roading near their Arizona home.

Liz even told Brad to move on without her, but he ended up proposing — and then decided to create a wheelchair for her that would let her enjoy the outdoor life they loved together.

Brad had no engineering experience, but he began experimenting with wheelchair designs anyway. He knew vehicle basics from his time in the Army, though, and when Liz’s dad mentioned how cool it would be to put tank tracks on a wheelchair, a light bulb went off in his head.

Brad then created the ‘Tankchair,’ which lets those with disabilities or mobility issues enjoy activities on outdoor terrain. Now he’s making them for others, so that they too can enjoy life beyond the sidewalks.

“This joy that I have felt in allowing my wife to conquer her disability is what drives TC Mobility to continue to push the envelope in providing cutting edge solutions to the mobility market,” Brad says. “We want (every) family to feel the happiness in getting beyond the sidewalk.”

See the Tankchair in action in the video below and watch how one man made necessity into the mother of invention…

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