The ‘best weatherman ever’ is an Internet hero after this viral Hurricane Irma report.

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The ‘best weatherman ever’ is an Internet hero after this viral Hurricane Irma report.

In the midst of the great human toll that Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have left in their lwake, the media has forgotten something basic: these storms are also major scientific phenomena.

But one local weatherman in Mobile, Alabama, recently focused on the science of hurricanes, breaking down just how these storms work.

30-year TV vet Alan Sealls explained the science of hurricanes and storm projections in such a thorough yet simple way — and with such a calm, soothing demeanor — that he went viral, landing on the front page of Reddit with the headline ‘best weatherman ever.’ Some even called him the ‘Mr. Rogers’ of weather reporting.

In the middle of the back-to-back coverage that can seem ominous and even hysterical in tone, Alan’s focus on facts and science for his station WKRG resonated with those hungry to simply understand how these storms work and how people predict them.

See Alan in action below, and witness one of the most educational weather reports you’ll ever watch…

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