Cops honor loyal K-9 officer with touching goodbye.

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Cops honor loyal K-9 officer with touching goodbye.

Police dog Hunter served 10 years with Connecticut’s Middletown police department, working in tandem with partner and handler Officer Michael D’Aresta.

But then he was diagnosed with cancer, and sadly had to be put down after his health took a turn for the worse.

“K-9 Hunter has been ill for the past several days and when tests were conducted they revealed that K9 Hunter has a very aggressive form of liver cancer. They unfortunately recommended that he be euthanized,” Middletown supervisor Sergeant Doug Clark wrote online.

But his colleagues and friends on the force were with him to the very end. Michael carried Hunter in his arms as the dog received one last salute from his fellow police officers.

It was a touching tribute to a canine member of the police force, a wonderful recognition of 10 years of service. News of the salute went viral, ensuring that Hunter will live on in the memory of those beyond his local community.

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