Newborn Hurricane Harvey survivor has photo shoot on the boat that saved her.

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Newborn Hurricane Harvey survivor has photo shoot on the boat that saved her.

The Chimenos had just had a baby girl named Hope when, 10 days after her birth, they had to board a rescue boat to escape flooding from Hurricane Harvey in Orange, Texas.

The Chimenos were taken to Lake Charles, Louisiana, where they were safe. They weren’t sure if they had lost everything but each other.

Their rescuers asked if they wanted to take newborn photos of Hope, to capture those early precious days. The Chimenos hadn’t even thought about it, but they were quickly connected with photographer Noelle Mills.

“I had to ask myself, ‘What’s most important right now? To give to this family who could have lost so much,'” Mills told TODAY. “I don’t have a lot of time or money, but what I can give is my photography.”

The shoot used the boat the Chimenos were rescued in, as well as a life jacket for props. The resulting image of the resting baby went viral, not just for their sweetness and tenderness, but for the optimism and sense of renewal that Hope embodied during a tough time for many.

“It’s a story of triumph,” Mills told TODAY. “In a heavy time, she’s a ray of sunshine.”

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