Rescuer holds hands with K-9 partner while they nap during hurricane.

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Rescuer holds hands with K-9 partner while they nap during hurricane.

Hurricane Irma may have slammed Florida with flooding, winds and chaos, but many officers, volunteers and first responders helped alleviate some of the damage with relentless hard work and effort.

But many of these people — as well as the service animals they use — are human as well, and the work takes an intense toll on them.

The Fort Lauderdale police department recently shared a touching image of Officer Kenneth Somma sleeping alongside his K-9 partner, Eddie — holding hands as they nap, as Irma rages on. The man and his dog put in 12-hour shifts of emergency response and clean up.

The image went viral, spreading far for symboling the rescue workers’ efforts in the face of a dangerous storm. While Irma’s challenges are fearsome, the collective efforts of workers like Kenneth and Eddie will help Florida pull through.

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