A terrible tweet about depression has the Internet in an uproar.

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A terrible tweet about depression has the Internet in an uproar.

Depression is a mental health condition that is extremely misunderstood and stigmatized, despite how widespread it is. And people are constantly spreading misinformation about it.

Take kickboxer Andrew Tate, who tweeted to his 26,000 followers that “depression isn’t real.”

Many people spoke up, saying Andrew was wrong. Andrew argued back, saying people with depression are “lazy” and will find any way to “absolve responsibilities.”

He also said depression is “bullshit to justify their own failures.”

Sadly, many people who don’t understand depression often think like Andrew. But such thinking only contributes to the stigma surrounding mental illness — and keeps many who need help from getting it, because they’re ashamed or think it’s their fault.

Luckily, many others are speaking up against Andrew, including actors like Patton Oswalt and cultural heavyweights like J.K. Rowling.

Others replied with knowledge and shared resources.

Above all, Andrew’s tweets are a reminder that depression is a medical problem, not a personal weakness.

It’s often caused by a mosaic of factors, like the brain’s inability to regulate mood, stressful life events that challenge coping mechanisms and immune systems, genetics, psychological background and difficult life events. These factors interact and influence one another, creating a feedback loop that mires its sufferers in depression.

People often need a combination of medication, therapy and rebuilding healthy habits to help relieve it.

With 1-in-nearly-6 people in the U.S. experiencing depression at some point in life, it’s good to remember that if you’re struggling with depression, you’re not alone — and that there are many out there who understand and empathize, despite the ignorance that continues to surround mental illness.

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