This astronaut is the first human to go to Mars. But then, a seedless melon ruins everything.

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This astronaut is the first human to go to Mars. But then, a seedless melon ruins everything.

With “Black Holes,” animators David Nicolas, Laurent Nicolas and Kevos Van Der Meiren, also known as Meat Dept., tell the story of Dave, an insecure astronaut preparing for a mission to Mars.

As the launch for the first mission to Mars nears, as the chief commander, Dave is required to attend a cocktail party. He runs into old acquaintances and exchange handshakes.

As he chats up Clara, Professor Flanagan comes over to say hello. Dave has a flashback to his uncomfortable training medical. Then, he leaves the party and drives to pick up shopping supplies for the mission — pasta, chips, Coke, whiskey, sausage, fries, a bottle of Downey and for dessert… flan.

Youston won’t let Dave bring flan — as the molecular structure of the dessert liquifies in a zero-gravity environment. So they replaced it with a melon.

Dave is disgusted — melons aren’t even in season.

Youston has genetically modified the melon — it’s seedless.

They exchange goodbyes and Dave takes the supplies home.

Dave becomes wary of Melon, so he asks scientists to perform a battery of analysis.

Suddenly, they pick up a signal. They give it a pencil and find out he claims to be the reincarnation of a fashion designer.

As Dave sits at home eating flan, he gets a call from Youston to try on his new spacesuit.

Professor Von Flanagan raves about Melon — he’s so smart and cultured, everyone is crazy for him.

Dave walks out in the new spacesuit. Professor Von Flanagan is in awe at the simplicity of the lines and the audacity of the materials. It’s fantastic.

Dave says it’s ridiculous.

While he was away, Melon had taken control of NASA. So Dave goes to Youston to talk about it.

Youston thinks the suit looks good. Dave gets upset. But before he can continue, Youston introduces him to his new partner… Melon.

Melon is in control. Scientists give him a vocal synthesizer so he can express himself. He walks into Dave’s apartment and complains that his interior designer sucks. Then, he demands a cognac.

Melon begins to redesign everything in zebra prints — Dave’s rocketship, his house, his life.

Dave takes joy in knowing Melon has to go to Dr. Finger for an uncomfortable training medical. As Melon goes in for the test, Dave browses magazines in the waiting room.

He begins to hear laughter and presses his ear against the wall.

As Melon and Dr. Finger walk out chuckling, he quickly sits down and grabs a magazine to pretend to read. Dr. Finger asks Melon to visit again.

Clara says hello to Dave, but she leaves with Melon. Dr. Finger notices Dave as well, and tells him to come in for more tests.

Dave begins to question the Melon’s motives.

As Dave walks through the spaceship, he hears someone playing the piano. We realize it’s an older Dave. Old Dave takes a bite of flan.

Suddenly, Melon comes in and greets Dave. He tells him life is like a shoebox, you never know what you’re going to get until you open it.

Melon begins to emit a sound that makes everything vibrate. Old Dave begins to tap his walker faster and faster. Dave pleads for Melon to stop. Then, Old Dave explodes.

Youston radios in for Commander Dave to reply. But Melon replies, saying Dave has fainted. Dave answers. Then, he asks if Youston remembers the ending of Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Then, he says he finally understands it.

Youston erupts in applause.

This short film, acclaimed at Sundance Film Festival 2017, is an introduction to a TV series currently in development.

He has some competition at 4:15…

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