A rock band discovers a radioactive energy in their music. And they can’t control it.

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A rock band discovers a radioactive energy in their music. And they can’t control it.

Filmmaker Dylan Allen tells the story of an unknown rock band who struggles with a radioactive energy, trying to get their big break.

Local rock band “The Privates” is ready to play their first big gig. They run through an equipment check and then start to rehearse.

Suddenly, an amp catches on fire and sets off the alarm. This keeps happening — every time they play, items begin to burst into flames, melt or even explode.

Some band members don’t think they should play tonight — they’re a fire hazard. But others remind them that “Pool Party Eddy” will be there. He’s the king of house parties and their ticket to local-scene stardom.

They also find out they’ve liquified the tape deck.

That night, the entire venue erupts in a blazing fire. Luckily, nobody showed up.

They’re realize they’re dangerous — they’re keep starting fires together.

Then, the Geiger counter starts “clicking.” It dawns on them that the inaudible frequencies from the four of them are generating a self-sustaining electromagnetic feedback loop of unstable energy. In short, they’re radioactive.

Pool Party Eddy sends them a text. Turns out he was at the gig and he loves them. He invites them to play at a huge house party next Friday — everyone’s will be there.

They debate the dangers for a moment, but take a vote and decide to play at the party regardless.

As they drive off, a smoldering amp is left on the road, with a sign that reads, “Maybe radioactive. No not touch.”

They bring the house down at 6:21…

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