Elusive snowy white giraffes filmed in Kenya.

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Elusive snowy white giraffes filmed in Kenya.

A very rare ‘white giraffe’ mother-baby pair were captured on video out in Kenya, showing just what a marvel nature can be.

The snowy-white pair are white reticulated giraffes. They’re pale thanks to a genetic condition called leucism. In leucism, skin cells don’t produce pigmentation but soft tissues like eyes do, which makes it different from albinism.

Other animals with leucism have been spotted, such as a white moose in Sweden or white peacocks. The condition gives these creatures an otherworldly, almost spectral appearance in real life.

Only a handful of sightings have been reported of these white reticulated giraffes. The first was reported in January 2016 in Tarangire National Park in Tanzania. This pair was spotted and filmed by the Hirola Conservation Programme in Kenya, which works with the Rainforest Trust.

See the video below to watch these beautiful white giraffes for a moment in the wild — you’ll get a glimpse of something not often seen or caught on video…

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