Understudy has 4 hours notice to replace star, hits the highest note in opera’s history.

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Understudy has 4 hours notice to replace star, hits the highest note in opera’s history.

When 16-year-old understudy Rachele Gilmore was told she was going onstage to replace opera soprano singer Kathleen Kim two nights before Christmas in 2009, she had only four hours’ notice.

Understudies are trained to replace the singers they shadow at the last minute, but this particular case was even more nerve-racking than usual.

Not only was Rachele singing at the famed Metropolitan Opera, she was due to sing ‘The Doll Song,’ a famous aria from ‘Tales of Hoffmann’ famous for its degree of difficulty and its number of high notes. If Rachele nailed it, she would sing the highest note ever sung at the Met.

Watch Rachele perform in the clip below, and see her hit an amazing note at such a young age — and in such a high-pressure situation…

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