Bob Costas offers a powerful look at the debate over kneeling football players.

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Bob Costas offers a powerful look at the debate over kneeling football players.

When football player Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem in 2016, he kicked off a firestorm culminating in a contentious debate raging on today.

Both sides are heated, believing that they are right and the other wrong — but both, deep down, have a strong conviction of what America stands for and how our country should live up to it.

That’s something that sportscaster Bob Costas points out in a CNN clip that has gone viral, which provided a valuable perspective on the issue.

Patriotism, he reminds us, means fighting for a better country and living up to the ideas that symbols like the flag and anthem are supposed to represent.

According to Costas, both military veterans and soldiers are patriots, but so are those who protest in the name of equality and righting the wrongs of history.

“Martin Luther King was a patriot, Susan B. Anthony was a patriot, dissidents are patriots, school teachers and social workers are patriots,” he explained.

Watch Bob speak on this issue below, and hear a perspective on the issue that shows what both sides have in common…

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