Sneaky toddler tries to steal popcorn from Prince Harry but he’s happy to share with her.

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Sneaky toddler tries to steal popcorn from Prince Harry but he’s happy to share with her.

Royalty: they’re just like us.

Well, not exactly. But a recent video of Prince Harry and a toddler stealing his popcorn shows that even a prince can’t resist an adorable kid.

At the recent Invictus Games in Toronto, Harry has made headlines for making his first appearance with American girlfriend Meghan Markle. But he’s gone viral for footage captured of a young child stealing his popcorn, right under his nose.

The prince was watching a volleyball game between the U.K. and Denmark when a 2-year-old girl named Emily Henson had the aplomb to reach into Harry’s popcorn and help herself to a snack.

Emily’s dad is David Henson, a former Paraolympian and a friend of Harry’s.

Harry didn’t notice Emily’s stealthy antics for a bit, but when he did, he played along with Emily and eventually shared his popcorn with a smile.

See the video below to witness the sweet moment, and watch evidence in action that Harry is likely a fun uncle with Prince George and Princess Charlotte…

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