Stranded whale cries in terror and pain — then an angel makes everything okay again.

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Stranded whale cries in terror and pain — then an angel makes everything okay again.

When rescuers spotted a stranded young orca on the remote coast of British Columbia in Canada, she was showing signs of serious stress.

The whale was overwhelmed with pain, stranded on sharp rocks. She let out cries of pain and fear as rescuers tried to help and soothe her. But they were running out of time — as the tide went out, her skin was drying up more and more.

But soon they began soaking blankets with salt water and covering up. She began to relax.

“I think she knew that we were there to help her,” Hermann Meuter, a whale researcher, said.

Rescuers soon realized that they couldn’t tie a rope or harness around her and pull her out to sea — the sharp rocks would kill her.

Instead, they decided to keep her calm and as comfortable as possible with wet blankets and constant buckets of seawater as they waited for the tide to rise.

And for eight hours, that’s what they did.

See the video below to watch this remarkable rescue — it’s absolutely amazing…

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