Student who notices school bus driver shaking at the wheel becomes hero for stopping the bus.

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Student who notices school bus driver shaking at the wheel becomes hero for stopping the bus.

When eighth grader Alex Fischer was waiting to get off the bus after a day at school in St. Louis, he noticed something strange: the driver was shaking, but the bus was still going at full speed.

Alex acted quickly, despite his fear, knowing he had to do something. He called his friends to help, and together they slowed down the bus and tries to steer it to safety.

“Yeah, it was really scary. I hit the brakes as fast as I could to stop the bus,” Alex  said. “It was crazy.”

His friends Emilio Stewart and Vernon Brown called 911 and helped slow down the bus — and helped avert a possibly dangerous accident.

“I feel amazing. I never expected this to happen. I’m just glad things went well, because they could have escalated,” Emilio said.

The trio were rewarded for their courage and quick thinking, with $200 gift certificates and $500 savings bonds. They were also treated to a heroes’ welcome by St. Louis County police, firefighters and city council members.

“I feel like a hero. I’m just glad I get to help somebody,” Vernon said.

See the video below to hear more about these everyday heroes — and learn that you’re never too young to make a difference…

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