A CIA agent goes to Russia to catch a Soviet spy. But when he knocks her out, he realizes the truth.

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A CIA agent goes to Russia to catch a Soviet spy. But when he knocks her out, he realizes the truth.

Filmmaker Michael Ravich tells the story of Tom Ryder, a down-on-his-luck American spy who comes face-to-face with the world’s greatest mercenary in 1975 Moscow.

Tom is on a call with Boss. He gets chewed out for messing up in France. Tom promises the new mission will make up for the past mistakes.

Boss doesn’t care — he just wants him to stick to the plan. Tom agrees and apologizes.

Boss tells Tom they have information their mark is a double agent. A ground informant relayed the names Cynthia Vega and Rene Winthrop, but the mark may assume any other alias at this point.

Tom is surprised the mark is a woman, realizing the only female agent in the region is the Red Mantis.

Boss tells him that’s possible and believes the Red Mantis was behind the massacre in the Caymans. She killed four MI-6 agents — they didn’t have a chance.

Then, a woman wearing red knocks on a hotel door a few doors down from Tom’s room. Tom asks if she needs help. She replies she’s here for a business meeting — she tells him to leave her alone. Tom takes a deep breath and tells her he’s been waiting — her business is with him.

Tom begins to command her. She doesn’t like his tone and threatens to call the deal off.

Tom apologizes and says he has the money. She begins to walk over, telling him it’s his lucky day. She introduces herself as Oksana and they enter his room.

They sit down. Silence. Tom asks if something is wrong and Oksana says it smells funny.

Tom suggests they get on with the deal.

Oksana is amused he’s ready to go so quickly. But she wants to see the money first.

Tom goes to the briefcase and opens the drawer below it. He remembers Boss telling him the mark is coming to him and she’ll be gone within the hour. His objective is to exchange the briefcase for microfilm and then drop it off at a cafe where Agent McDire is waiting.

If Tom doesn’t to McDire in time, he’ll assume the mission is compromised and abort.

Tom looks at the time — he only has 40 minutes.

Tom suggests he could sedate the Red Mantis. Boss shoots it down — she’s smarter and better than Tom and would thwart it. He tells Tom to stick to the plan.

Oksana then suggests they have a drink. Tom insists on continuing with the exchange, but she says a drink will relax him. Tom sees an opportunity and agrees to get the drink.

He grabs a bottle of vodka, a glass and a sedative from the drawer, then heads to the bathroom to get a second glass and some ice.

Then, another man, Vincent, walks quickly into a room down the hall. He puts some condoms in the drawer next to the bed.

Meanwhile, Tom pours the drinks but drops the sedative — his hands are shaking. He makes a mess in the bathroom. Oksana asks if he needs help and begins to walk over. He sees the sedative on the floor and quickly puts it in her drink as she arrives.

He hands him the drink, but forgot the ice.

Oksana says Tom reminds her of her cousin — he’s not smart but he follows orders. Tom is reminded that he didn’t follow orders again. As he tries to forget the drinks, she downs it.

She feel the effects immediately. Tom is surprised he took the Red Mantis so easily.

Oksana asks why Tom drugged her, she was going to sleep with him. Suddenly, he realizes something is wrong.

In the other room, Vincent calls for Dmitry and reminds him they met at a coffee shop. Vincent asks why Oksana, the girl he ordered, hasn’t arrived.

Oksana passes out on Tom’s room. He goes through her purse and finds nothing — no microfilm.

McDire sits at the cafe watching a boy play with dominos.

Suddenly, another woman in red — the real Red Mantis — walks down the hallway.

As the boy knocks the first domino down, they begin to cascade.

Tom finds a note in Oksana’s purse, telling her to go to Vincent’s room. Meanwhile, the Red Mantis pulls out a gun and aims at the door.

The last domino crashes and McDire looks at his watch and leaves.

Surprise at 16:16…

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