Jimmy Kimmel, openly weeping, begs America to address mass shootings.

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Jimmy Kimmel, openly weeping, begs America to address mass shootings.

With the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas — with at least 59 dead and nearly 600 injured — many Americans are asking themselves why and how this happened.

Jimmy Kimmel is one of those people, and he used his talk show’s opening monologue to talk plainly and openly about the incident.

“You know, I want this to be a comedy show, I hate talking about stuff like this. I just want to, you know, laugh about things every night,” he said. “But that — it seems to be becoming increasingly difficult lately. It feels like someone has opened a window into hell.”

While Jimmy is usually light and funny, what was remarkable was just how openly despairing he was about the situation.

“And you know what’ll happen? We’ll pray for Las Vegas, some of us will get motivated, some of us won’t get motivated, bills will be written, they’ll be watered down, they’ll fail, the NRA will smother it all with money, and over time, we’ll get distracted, we’ll move on to the next thing,” he continued. “And then it will happen again. And again.”

Pulling no punches, Jimmy broke down in tears in multiple places in his speech, even as he blasted politicians for being more beholden to special interests than to their fellow citizens.

See the video below to see Jimmy’s raw and emotional monologue, and listen to someone reckoning with senseless violence with sincerity and conviction…

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