Watch the emotional reunion between a Las Vegas shooting victim and the hero who saved him.

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Watch the emotional reunion between a Las Vegas shooting victim and the hero who saved him.

The Las Vegas shooting may have unleased bullets and blood as the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, but it also provided amazing examples of everyday heroes, who rushed to help total strangers in the middle of the chaos.

Tom McIntosh was bleeding badly after being shot at the country music concert in Las Vegas, where the shooting happened.

But Tom was lucky: another man named James Lawson — a total stranger to Tom — rushed to help him. James, who has Army Reserves training as an EMT, fashioned a makeshift touriquet out of a belt to keep Tom from bleeding out.

“I wouldn’t have made it,” Tom told Today during a live interview. “I know I wouldn’t have… my pants were soaked… I’m very thankful.”

Tom got to thank his hero during the interview when the Today show located James. See the video below to witness the touching reunion, and watch the best in human nature that can come out during a horrible event…

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