Oprah and Ellen had way too much fun while shopping at a grocery store.

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Oprah and Ellen had way too much fun while shopping at a grocery store.

Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres are both multimedia moguls and queens of daytime TV known for their warmth and relatability. What happens when you get them together? Good times.

Both women made a trip to check out Oprah’s new line of food products, O, That’s Good! As the two made their way through the aisles, Ellen cracked jokes and played pranks on Oprah, taking especial delight in scaring Oprah with all the Halloween merchandise out for the season.

See the video below to see what else the two got up to together at the sore, and put a smile on your face by hanging out — vicariously — with two people known for their kindness and openheartedness…

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