A film student made one of the funniest animations about school love. I actually laughed out loud.

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A film student made one of the funniest animations about school love. I actually laughed out loud.

Bristol School of Animation graduate Jack Bennett tells the story of Joe Connoly, a teen whose life takes an unexpected turn when a mysterious note arrives on his desk in school.

Joe hits the snooze on his alarm. When he finally wakes up and goes to school, he finds a note on his desk.

Molly thinks Joe is cute. Joe is confused — there are a few possible Mollys.

Molly Anderson enjoys listening in class, cleaning her glasses and math. In their future together, they go on sensible dates and go bird watching. When they wed, by which point Joe would be an astronaut, they would be happy. And Joe would be free to pursue his intergalactic dream.

Suddenly, Molly interjects and tells him to get a real job — like accounting or business.

Molly Wood enjoys singing, laughing about things Joe doesn’t understand and drawing hearts and flowers on her workbooks. She once borrowed Joe’s pen. Sadly, she forgot this and Joe never asked for it back. He isn’t ready to deal with that sort of baggage.

Just then, Frisbee mentions Hot Molly.

Joe never considered Hot Molly for its absurdity. Hot Molly is popular and cool and Joe instantly falls in love with her.

Another note lands on Joe’s desk, confirming that it’s Hot Molly. Joe grabs a pen and paper and begins to write the most romantic thing he can think of — “U R Pretty.”

The bell rings and Joe exits class with a spring in his step. He has a girlfriend.

As he sits outside eating lunch, Hot Molly’s friend walks over to say Molly wants to see him. When Joe asks why, she tells him they’re going to kiss.

Joe goes to the football field. This is his first kiss. Hot Molly walks over and lays one on him and walks back to discuss with her friends. Then, one of them walks to Joe and tells him he’s dumped. His heart breaks.

Joe loads a heartbreak mix and reminisces about his brief time with her.

The school day ends. As Joe walks out, he hears someone calling his name. It’s Lily Scott — a quiet girl who always sat at the back of the class. She’s fiercely competitive with board games and has a strange fascination with classroom ceilings.

Lily asks if Joe wants a sweet and he runs over to grab one. She apologizes to him, saying Molly hates her and wanted to make her jealous.

Joe is confused.

Molly had never liked Joe. Lily did.

As Lily tries to ask Joe to watch the new Spider-Man film, he cuts her off — oblivious of how she feels for him.

Joe walks off feeling the pieces of his heart mending. Suddenly, he pieces it together.

Boy meets girl at 2:38… and loses her at 4:48…

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