He says the wisest man he ever met was a 3rd grade dropout. His wisdom will change your life.

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He says the wisest man he ever met was a 3rd grade dropout. His wisdom will change your life.

Rick Rigsby is a former Texas A&M professor, as well as a coach and chaplain for the Texas A&M football team.

The 61-year-old recently gave the commencement speech at the California State University Maritime Academy, announcing that “The wisest person I ever met in my life was a third-grade dropout.”

That dropout was his father. Despite his dad’s lack of education, he was still the smartest man that Rick knew, for knowing how to combine knowledge and experience to create wisdom.

“My father taught me to combine knowledge and wisdom to make an impact,” he said in his speech. “Wisdom comes to you from the unlikeliest of sources, often from failure. That person that gets up off the canvas and keeps growing, that’s the person that will grow their influence.”

See the video below to hear more of Rick’s remarkable speech — there are many nuggets of wisdom to be gleaned…

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