Officer helps 92-year-old after he’s kicked out for causing a disturbance.

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Officer helps 92-year-old after he’s kicked out for causing a disturbance.

When Officer Robert Jossett was called into a local bank in Montebello, California, he was confronted with a loud, crankly elderly man.

The 92-year-old was upset and making a scene. He wanted to withdraw money from his account but his ID card expired. The bank couldn’t process his request, and the man was upset that no one seemed to be able to help him.

Officer Josett didn’t force the man to leave, however, or arrested him. Instead, the cop offered to escort the man to the DMV to get a new ID card.

Afterwards, Office Josett drove him back to the Bank of America branch so the elderly man could withdraw his money.

Office Josett’s story went viral, with many praising his compassion and service to his community — a true embodiment of the credo ‘To protect and serve’.

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