This anti-bullying PSA acts out online comments in real life. It’s an uncomfortable watch.

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This anti-bullying PSA acts out online comments in real life. It’s an uncomfortable watch.

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and Monica Lewinsky — yes, that Monica Lewinsky — has launched a genuinely riveting anti-bullying public service to draw attention to how online behavior often crosses lines that would never happen in real life.

‘In Real Life’ is a social experiment that shows what happens when online bully is taken offline. Bullies sprout hateful comments to target in real-life restaurants, streets and other places — with many people intervening as they heard the outrageous and disturbing words spoken to another person’s face.

It uses real hateful comments written by real people on social media. Actors played bullies and their targets — but those who intervened and stood up for the targets were real people.

See the video below to watch the PSA — you won’t believe the actual comments people wrote, but watching others protect those bullied will restore your faith in humanity…

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