Mom has emotional reunion with her son 21 years after dad kidnapped him.

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Mom has emotional reunion with her son 21 years after dad kidnapped him.

In 1995, Maria Mancia was shocked when her boyfriend suddenly took off with their 18-month-old son Steve while she was at her job.

They simply disappeared without a trace. Her boyfriend Valentin Hernandez even took all of their family photos, leaving her only with one single black-and-white photo.

The police spent years trying to find Steve, but after 20 years, they had to let it go. Maria never stopped hoping, believing that one day she would find her son again.

Then, in February 2016, police got a tip that Steve was alive and living in Puebla, Mexico, with his dad likely dead after a disappearance.

The investigators knew their case was a delicate situation. Approaching Steve, they actually told him they were working to find his dad. Steve told them he thought Maria had abandoned him as a boy.

But slowly the truth began to unravel for Steve, and one day, he found himself on Maria’s doorstep. Watch the video below to see their emotional reunion below — and see how love endures, even across decades…

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