The Arrival

By Daniel Montanarini | Drama
A woman goes to a coffee shop to tell him that she's pregnant. But then, she questions everything.

Filmmaker Daniel Montanarini tells the story of Anna, a woman who struggles to decide whether to keep her baby while waiting for the would-be father to arrive.

Anna sits down at a cafe. She orders a coffee, then regrets not getting decaf or tea. No — she’s made her decision. She can have as much caffeine and sugar as she wants.

She’s early and begins to rehearse what she’ll say. She’s pregnant and she’s made her decision. But she wants him to know first. He’ll probably be relieved. They weren’t right together. And it wasn’t the right time, either.

She starts worrying about her age. Her biological clock is ticking. He doesn’t have to worry about time. Maybe she’ll freeze her eggs. She’ll need to get things in place — she doesn’t have a home or money or partner. She’d be alone.

The waiter brings her coffee. She stares blankly at it.

What if he wants to keep it? They’re not in love. He doesn’t know how neurotic she is. She doesn’t really know him. She can’t even remember the color of his eyes. Actually, they’re blue. She does remember his beautiful eyes. The baby would have nice eyes, too.

No — doesn’t have a right to ask her to keep it. He doesn’t have to carry it or push it out. It’s her body — it’s her decision. She’s not a cow.

She hears a baby and loses her train of thought, overpouring the cream. The waiter comes to clean it up. The lights dim as a train rumbles by.

Will it be a girl or a boy. What if it’s twins? He’s a twin and her brother and sister are twins… so maybe. Twins may be too much if it’s just her. One, she could handle. Will it inherit her weird little fingers? Will it be a good person? Part of that is up to her, but she can’t control everything.

She wonders what her laugh sound like — he has a nice laugh. They did get along — he definitely found her funny. He should be here. Then, she asks the waiter for decaf, instead.

“The Arrival” uses a single tracking shot to explore a woman’s thoughts and feelings in the midst of a huge decision.

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