Ellen meets a 10-year-old raising money for hearing impaired.

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Ellen meets a 10-year-old raising money for hearing impaired.

10-year-old Braden Baker has been wearing hearing aids since he was a baby. Born with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss, he has dealt his whole life with the devices.

One vivid memory stands out: the family dog chewed up a pair of hearing aids. His mother was angry, and ended up teaching her son a lesson. Some families, she told him, can’t even afford hearing aids, and he should take more vigilant care of them.

The idea of needing a hearing aid and not being able to afford one stuck with Braden, so he decided to raise money for those who can’t buy a hearing aid themselves. He created a GoFundMe page, aiming to raise $1,000. Instead, he raised $23,000. He and his family now have plans to go to Guatemala and distribute hearing aids to less financially fortunate families.

TV personality and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres heard of Braden’s generosity and invited him on her show to share more about his cause. See the video below to see their warm rapport — and watch Ellen give Braden a truly rich gift to help…

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