A Chinese factory worker who fights in kickboxing tournaments shows us what courage looks like.

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A Chinese factory worker who fights in kickboxing tournaments shows us what courage looks like.

Filmmakers Enric Ribes and Oriol Martinez offer a hypnotic, warm-hearted portrait of friendship, set in a Chinese factory.

Qu Maomao is 27 years old, and works in a massive industrial factory. It’s repetitive, non-stop work, as he and the other workers make clothes that often go elsewhere to be bought and sold.

But he gets through the backbreaking work with two things: his friends and kickboxing.

He and his friends are training hard for an upcoming match against another factory. It’s a good diversion — not just from factory life but from heartache.

Barcelona-based Ribes and Martinez’s fluid camerawork and the rhythmic, graceful editing elevate the documentary, and its short 6-minute length offers a intimate glimpse of often faceless workers, who make the objects that fill our everyday lives.

One thing is for sure: you’ll never look at your underwear in the same way again.

They train for the tournament at 2:47…

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