A robot gets drunk and ruins his life. Then, he returns to his creator to ask an important question.

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A robot gets drunk and ruins his life. Then, he returns to his creator to ask an important question.

Filmmaker Christoph Rainer offers a portrait of a dysfunctional father-son relationship, with a twist: the son in this pairing is a robot.

The young robot lands in New York and just wants to party, disappointing his human scientist creator, who wanted his invention to do more than just cavort with women and drink till dawn.

But after one terrible hangover and hitting rock bottom, the robot has to face his regrets and existential fears about his life and relationships.

“Requiem for a Robot” is poetically shot, especially in scenes where the robot roams the city. A combination of lo-fi sci-fi aesthetic with evocative images sounds odd, but works beautifully on the screen, creating a certain charm.

But the film’s real power comes from its heartfelt storytelling. “Requiem for a Robot” may feature an android, but it is rooted in recognizable human emotions: fear that we can’t live up to expectations, anger that we can’t feel accepted for who we are and shame when we inevitably disappoint our loved ones.

It hurts at 2:15…

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