When a clumsy superhero keeps getting his sidekicks killed, he tries a temp agency.

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When a clumsy superhero keeps getting his sidekicks killed, he tries a temp agency.

One wannabe superhero stands between stability and chaos. The Dark Blackness is more than willing to shoulder the burdens of fighting evil, except for one problem — he can’t keep his sidekick alive.

So he hits upon an unlikely solution to deal with his unusual staffing issues. But his unorthodox approach — not to mention the on-the-job training required — leads to some comically disastrous results.

Filmmaker Lucas Testro — who also made festival and online favorite ‘I’m You, Dickhead’ — offers up rapid-fire verbal wit and crack comic pacing to send up the superhero genre.

This comedy is marked by its dextrous, witty performances, especially between the Dark Blackness and the reluctant sidekick he tries to coax and motivate into action. Compact, quick-moving and fun to watch, ‘Capes’ offers a clever twist on the travails of being a would-be superhero, as well as a crashingly entertaining good time.

Be inspired at 3:35…

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