A nervous woman plays the cello at an audition, then breaks down in front of the judges.

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A nervous woman plays the cello at an audition, then breaks down in front of the judges.

A talented cello player is up for a gig, riding the subway and lugging her instrument to the audition amid rush-hour crowds.

But once she enters the audition room, her nerves derail her performance as she faces a panel of cold, uncaring judges who offer her no warmth or reassurance — not to mention a cursory “hello.”

Again and again she tries to play — only to find herself in the middle of an artistic nightmare.

With its pared-down storytelling and unpredictable, odd comic sensibility, the dramedy mines personal pain and comes up with moments of dry, offbeat humor.

But it also becomes a parable about the fear of not being good enough — and the self-inflicted agony of not knowing when to stop.

She breaks down at 7:56… and at 13:20…

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