A guy meets a girl riding a bike. Now watch them live out an entire relationship in 3 minutes.

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A guy meets a girl riding a bike. Now watch them live out an entire relationship in 3 minutes.

A couple goes through their entire romantic history together in under four minutes, in this sweet, emotionally engaging romantic film.

Starting from a near-crash on bikes, Robbie and Mary meet and find themselves attracted to another.

The film drifts through the initial, happy moments as a couple, starting with the blithe, intoxicating beginning when the pair are just discovering one another.

But then life gets both ordinary and complicated, and the two drift apart, which leads to an awkward, ambiguous split.

Most romantic comedies focus on the “meet cute” and then reaching “happily ever after.”

But “This Is When We Met” goes beyond the adorable first meeting. Through graceful, realistic performances and skillful editing, it follows the ups and down of a romance, creating an emotional journey that’s both sweet yet quietly heartbreaking.

Bittersweet at 1:42…

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