A man is fired for living in his car at the company parking lot. Then, his day gets even worse.

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A man is fired for living in his car at the company parking lot. Then, his day gets even worse.

Stanley is an ordinary man having an extraordinarily bad day.

He’s lost his apartment and has to live in his car — a change that only leads to more bad luck for the struggling man. Soon the hard knocks pile up, leading to unforeseen ironic consequences.

“The Car” offers a melancholy yet humorous take on hitting rock bottom. While many people love spending time in their cars, Stanley is forced to live in his — and the effect it has on his appearance and life is handled with comic flair, but with a recognition that the situation is still a serious one.

The short dramedy crackles with satirical dialogue and situations, but at its core it explores how easily it is for ordinary people to reach the limits of their resources.

Unexpected guests arrive at 4:11…

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