This beautiful animation about friendship and sacrifice is one of the most moving films we’ve seen.

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This beautiful animation about friendship and sacrifice is one of the most moving films we’ve seen.

Two friends, weathered by traveling and weighed down by their gear, are stopped on their journey by a seemingly uncrossable canyon.

But the adventurers have hope: the canyon’s edge features the beginning of an uncompleted bridge, likely left by a neighboring town that gave up on the impossible endeavor.

But the two friends decide to try to cross the gulf, using increasingly fantastical means to build the bridge and reach the next stage of their journey.

Featuring visually stunning 3D animation, Lightning Boy Studios has packed an epic adventure into the span of 10 minutes. Imaginative and stirring, the film is pure action, with little dialogue, backstory or explanation.

But none of those elements are needed in this short fantasy film, which works as a wonderful parable about determination, friendship and achieving the impossible.

They make a run for it at 5:30… but then, at 6:56…

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