Russell Curtis by James P. Gannon

A young man is sent back in time. But then, his future self shows up and tries to change his past.

Captain Russell Curtis has just made the first jump in time. But the moment he lands — and vomits from the gut-twisting journey — he meets his time-traveling future self, who’s in a panic.

They must work together to change the outcome of their future. But it’s not easy, especially when you’ve turned into a jerk.

Amiable and loose, this sci-fi comedy short riffs on 80s classics like “Back to the Future,” complete with endearingly lo-fi special effects. The short’s sharp writing is stuffed with profanities and pop culture references, and it’s anchored by nimble, verbally dextrous performances.

Entertaining and good-natured, “Russell Curtis” is like if Richard Linklater takes on Star Trek, with plenty of wit and verve.

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